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Lucille Bracelet Set | White Frost and Gold Beads with Gold Chain | Crystal Accents | Neutral Layering Bracelet

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The Lucille Bracelet Set is a captivating blend of elegance and versatility. This set features a combination of white frost and gold beads, accented with delicate crystal embellishments. The white frost beads add a touch of ethereal beauty, while the gold beads and chain provide a luxurious and sophisticated aesthetic. The inclusion of crystal accents adds a subtle sparkle and enhances the overall allure of the bracelets. Designed for layering, these bracelets offer endless possibilities for mixing and matching with other accessories, allowing you to create your own personalized stack. Whether worn individually for a refined touch or layered together for a statement look, the Lucille Bracelet Set is a must-have for those seeking a neutral and stylish accessory that effortlessly elevates any outfit.

4 Strand bracelet set, Gold chain with crystal accents, Neutral beads, Elastic bands and adjustable clasp closure, Perfect for layering